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We offer 3 different choices of indoor tanning and Mystic Spray Tanning. At Plymouth Tanning Company we change our bulbs at half the manufacturer’s recommended life ensuring the deepest, darkest tan possible with every session.  We would love to show what we have in store for you each and every visit.  Whether you have a vacation coming up or just want to look your best, we have what you’re looking for. 


About Plymouth Tanning Company

Our staff members receive training in:

-Customer service excellence

-Equipment operation and maintenance

-Indoor tanning lotion ingredients, benefits and selection

-Skin care principles and procedures

-Tanning regulations

-Benefits of tanning in a controlled environments

Our Services

Ultimate Beds
Sunstorm Beds
Stand-Up Beds
Mystic Spray Tan
Lotion Selection
Trained Staff
Skin Care Answers
Clean Facilities

Plymouth Tanning Company 603 W. Jefferson St, Plymouth   574-935-4444

All UV tanning is subject to the 10% Federal Sales Tax