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Plymouth Tanning Company


Our base bed is a 44 lamp Sunstorm equipped with 160 watt VHR reflector lamps. A very large, comfortable bed with amazing results! Our Sundazzler Stand-up bed is equipped with 44 VHR 160 watt reflector lamps. A quick hot 11 minute session is sure to please. THE ULTIMATE bed is equipped with 5- 1000 watt HP facial lamps and 50+ 160 watt reflector lamps. See why it is the finest bed in the tanning industry. With just one session you will know why. Our UV free sunless option, The Mystic Spray Booth produces instant results in just 60 seconds. Try the Double Dip option! 10 minutes in our Ultimate and the Mystic Spray for amazing results!


Plymouth Tanning Company 603 W. Jefferson St, Plymouth   574-935-4444

All UV tanning is subject to the 10% Federal Sales Tax